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Keynote sessions

Featured speakers offering valuable and inspiring content on emerging technologies, leadership strategies, industry trends and innovation.

It’s a hybrid world after all — 3 shifts your organization could make for the future of work now

Natalie Nixon

Explore the vital role of creativity in the 4th industrial revolution, where three essential shifts are critical for organizations to become more nimble and adaptive.

(49 min, 41 sec)

A conversation with the Woz: pioneering innovation and the future of credit unions

Steve Wozniak

An exclusive fireside chat, exploring the transformative potential of AI, blockchain, and cutting-edge technologies.

(51 min, 58 sec)

Breakout sessions

Interactive sessions unveiling innovative insights and ideas from industry thought leaders.

The top 11 ways your credit union is impacted by rising interest rates

Steven Rick

Discover the effects of rising interest rates, bank closures, and the 4-year economic forecast on credit union loan performance.

(48 min, 40 sec)

Collaborative future of banking: opportunities in open banking, banking as a service and embedding fintech into the industry

Ron Shevlin

Learn how embedded finance and fintech integration provide credit unions with opportunities to leverage member data and meet evolving consumer demands.

(36 min, 42 sec)

Adapting to change: using market intelligence to shape credit union strategy

Steve Heusuk | Adam Leslie

Gain strategic insights on using market intelligence to shape credit union strategies for long-term success.

(46 min, 33 sec)

Predatory lending in the digital world — using data to save your members

Emily Nadboralski | Vicki Potter

Explore digital predatory lending's impact on credit unions and shed light on vulnerable segments and financial implications.

(26 min, 13 sec)

The future of the credit union workforce and workplace

Dr. Taylor Nelms

Adapt talent management to rapid change by embracing hybrid work and fostering an inclusive learning culture.

(31 min, 37 sec)

Panel sessions

Collaborative discussions featuring industry leaders coming together to share their insights, experiences and expertise.

Here comes the next generation of credit union leaders

Shonna Shearson | Margie Salazar | Nathan Cox | Brandi Stankovic

Credit union leadership is transforming with retiring CEOs, paving the way for a new generation.

(41 min, 06 sec)

Developing digital pipelines for financial wellness

Jean Chatzky | Christie Kimbell

Strengthen member engagement and loyalty by leveraging social media for financial wellness.

(45 min, 00 sec)

How embedded finance is shaping financial services

Sam Das | Ronny Chapman | Barclay Keith | Dennis Cail

Uncover the growth potential of embedded finance as it reshapes the financial services industry.

(49 min, 42 sec)